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On Demand

Intro to Yoga Therapy: Feel to Heal - On Demand (007-FtH)


Self Study

with Rhonda Vroman, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, YACEP, MBA

Do you have places in the body with decreased flexibility or limited range of motion? Perhaps occasional or ongoing pain? Or might you have a sense that there is another component impacting the physical body, perhaps something emotional or mental? Perhaps you are looking for a non-violent way to safely and ease-fully access the body. Then Intro to Yoga Therapy: Feel to Heal will guide you with supportive exploration.

This course is an investment in you; in your capacity to feel, in your relationship with yourself (and others), to witness habitual patterns that may or may not be supportive, and in your ability to receive clarity.

Invest in your relationship with yourself to change how you show up for YOU and the world; in this 12-hour, experiential course you will be invited to turn inward, to feel, to breath and leave with clarity, insights and a deeper understanding of you.

The course is designed in accessible, non-yoga language and embedded with experiences that allow the content to be received and felt in the physical, mental and emotional body. Experiences are where the revealing and knowing happens.

What’s included in this self-paced, on-demand offering:
• An succinct overview of the importance of enhancing our ability to feel and be with what is uncomfortable without going into shut down or avoidance mode.
• A sharing of the foundational importance of feeling the body and being present to the messages continually presented via sensations.
• Introduction to energy diffusion technique, the foundational facilitation tool for feeling the body, with a guided experience you can return to again and again.
• Lower body scan and consideration of what you observed to help you see more clearly.
• An explanation of energy blockages in the body, why it matters and how to resolve or accept.
• Exploration on each of the major energy centers that help you explore your unique way of being in any moment
• Seven energy centered experiential practices, each with a brief intro
• Self-guided series of videos and reflective material to help you assimilate what you’re receiving more deeply and intuitively.
• Accessible – offered primarily in non-yoga language and designed to be readily received and understood regardless of any yoga knowledge.

  • Course is non-refundable once purchased

  • You will have up to 90 days to complete the course.

  • If you wish to continue accessing the course you can extend access to e-courses for a small additional fee. To do this use this form: https://iameducation.org/forms/e-course-extension/

  • Enroll today and begin investing in your relationship with yourself, and others.

    Yoga Alliance:
    Rhonda Vroman is a YACEP/Yoga Alliance CE Provider and this course will count as 12 CE Hours for RYTs.
    She is also a C-IAYT, MBA and Senior Amrit teacher. More about Rhonda at evenbeing.com

    • Overview and Suggestions
    • Introduction
    • The Importance of Feeling Body and Connecting with Breath
    • Experience: Energy Diffusion Technique
    • The Body’s Energy System
    • Lower Body Scan
    • Edges and Releases
    • Feeling Sensations Experience
    • Root Energy Center
    • Root Energy Center Experience Introduction
    • Root Energy Center Experience
    • Sacral Energy Center
    • Sacral Energy Center Experience Introduction
    • Sacral Energy Center Experience
    • Solar Plexus Energy Center
    • Solar Plexus Energy Center Experience Introduction
    • Solar Plexus Energy Center Experience
    • Heart Energy Center
    • Heart Energy Center Experience Introduction
    • Heart Energy Center Experience
    • Throat Energy Center
    • Throat Energy Center Experience Introduction
    • Throat Energy Center Experience
    • 3rd Eye and Crown Energy Centers
    • 3rd Eye and Crown Energy Center Experience Introduction
    • 3rd Eye and Crown Energy Center Experience
    • Final Reflection
    Completion rules
    • All units must be completed